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I’m back

WOAH. I was surprised on how long I was stagnant about this blog. I’ve been busy lately with theses back in 2010 and now…I’m in University and working hard (and harder still) so…please forgive me if I got too busy to even take a peek at this blog.

I’m happy that people are still sending me PMs over at my old email and are still leaving comments. Thanks everyone!

I’ll be able to have some time now so…I’ll most probably continue in keeping this blog alive.

See you all soon!


(“Oi, Spain! We’ll be able to harvest lots of tomatoes, you bastard!”)

Buono! Tomato buono! Tomato
Buono buono oo! Tomato!
Red below and green above toma- toma- tomato♪ Hn!

There’s tomato in my pasta
There’s pasta in my pizza
my beautiful red treasure, I love you tomato


Wurst and Potatoes are heretical
And my little brother eats them! muki- muki- muki- mu
And why does a Napolitan eats Japanese cuisine! You bastard!


It’s France! Protect me! You Son of A—!!”
(“Don’t leave me alone with this bastard!”)

I’ll give you one, I’ll give you a pretty one
Eat a tomato and come dance with me!

Amore~! (Love~)

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Posted by: mizuno | November 29, 2010

Sorry for being on hiatus!

Hi all. As the title says, I’m really really really sorry for being on hiatus for a very long time. I’ve been busy with school since I’ll be graduating high school this year. So, please forgive me.

Posted by: mizuno | May 11, 2010

Miso Soup (Japanese Version) – Tegomass

Miso Soup (Japanese Version)

Biting the rest of the convenient store food,
Still the unchanging dinner
Still the same taste that I’m used to but,
something wears me out.

A package from home came,
“Have you eaten yet??”
You call me on the phone,
“Are you going home for the holiday??”

The Miso soup that you make,
is always overflowing with kindness
Because I’m so immature
I won’t get cold anymore,
because you warm me up
That kindness, I want to see it
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Posted by: mizuno | May 10, 2010

Miso Soup (English Version) – Tegomass

Miso Soup (English version)

Just another same old day
Picking up the same old food
The dinner from the shelf

I got used to eating alone

Just by myself
But something makes me feel kind of tired

Another package arrived with a note
Asking if everything’s alright with me

Whenever I call you ask me if I am
Coming home for the New Year holiday

Miso soup, I feel your loving
Tender care, it’s always nice and hot
I’m always a kid, I’ll never be matured enough
Never ask for anything
You gave me all the love you had
All the love you gave me, Mom
Makes me want to see you again
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Kataomoi no Chiisana Koi
Neo Angelique Abyss ~ Second Age~ ending song

I like you so much that I can’t sleep
This little love that can’t be real
It’s you. It’s you
Making me roll on the futon

Your profile is so bright,
Surely, I can’t reach it
I want to forget, I can’t forget
My heart is overflowing

If there is change in this one-sided love
Tell me
I want you to take notice of this one-sided love
This love that can never be returned
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Nishino Kana
Soul Eater 2nd ending song

It’s the start for you and me
knocking at the connected door
I wonder what’s waiting for you and me
Adults really head for the perfect style
Someday like wheels
Everything will seem to overlap

If there’s a God, please listen,
I can’t send these unrepeatable days away
Because, there’s only a small remaining time that we’re little boys and girls
Hiding and watching dreams; that’s my story
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Posted by: mizuno | April 5, 2010

Blue Otaku, a year and a half… and still too lazy

Trust Me
Matsushita Yuuya
Durarara!! ending song

I) really wanna be with you
Really wanna, really wanna be with you
Cuz, you’re my love, you’re my shine, you’re my dear
So, trust me, trust me, trust me, yeah

I’m here, beside you
call me, I’m here
trust me, there’s nothing to be afraid of
my dear, an invisible thread
trust me, it connects us
A certain warmth is felt

I can hear
your heart’s voice
Those small anxieties,
I’ll take them away
Whatever you say,
you’re not alone,
Nothing will change,
Surely, love is there

Cry on me,
Rely on me,
I’ve already decided
to take full responsibility
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Manazashi Daydream
Sakai Yuu
Nodame Cantabile: Finale opening song

Clearly 30° to my right,
Your silky, Niagara-like, long hair flies by
the faint smell of your Shampoo
fluttered at the tip of my nose

to be full with passion that occupies me all day
another simulator
But I can not say anything

Looking straight at Do
my heart goes Fortissimo
Asleep or awake, I think of U
The best stage is when my eyes are shut
with you overcrowding the seats
Ah, I’m going crazy!
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