Posted by: mizuno | September 20, 2008

Rolo: my “Code Geass R2” favorite character

Warning: May Really containS spoilers

Most of us already know Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 right? (2nd season of “Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch)” The series introduced dozens of new characters which are not shown on the first season,  one of them is Rolo Lamperouge.

Yes, you heard me right…Rolo Lamperouge. Lelouch’s so called brother who usurped Nunally’s place as Lelouch’s younger sibling after King Charles modified and erased some of Lelouch’s memories about the Black Knights,His secret identity…Zero, Nunally, C.C. and the Rebellion.




Who exactly is Rolo?

After modifying and erasing some of Lelouch’s memories…he returns to Ashford Academy. Little does he know that his ‘younger brother’ is a trained assasin who must observe Lelouch’s actions and kill him whenever he restores his lost memories( Charles removed Nunally’s memories and replaced Rolo in being Lelouch’s younger sibling). Little is known about Rolo (aka Rolo Haliburton or Rolo Lamperouge) except for the fact that he’s a experimental orphan with a geass on his right eye which temporarily freezes the sense of time of those inside his area of geass. However even  if his geass really is a powerful great asset, V.V. still thinks that it’s useless because his heart beat stops while using it.

Rolo is unsociable and reserved. A merciless killer who kills anyone who gets in the way of his mission (have I told you before? He works at the Brittanian Secret Intelligence Service). He is trained to kill from a very young age “The number of those who I’ve killed is countless, just like the number of times a person eats or brushes his teeth in his whole lifetime.” He’s skilled at firearms and other weaponries and piloting knightmare frames especially the Vincent prototypes.

Although he seems like a dangerous assassin or whatever, he really is gentle and loyal to Lelouch. He always treasures a locket which Lelouch gave him on his birthday….actually Nunally’s birthday (October 25th) because he gave it when he was still unconsious of his lost memories.It is also clear that he has also been heavily affected by his time
with Lelouch. Because of this, he is easily manipulated into believing
that Lelouch cares for him and thus follows his orders without question. He loves Lelouch so much that he could risk his life protecting Lelouch. And in the end he did die while protecting Lelouch.

An AMV I made for Rolo:


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