Posted by: mizuno | October 2, 2008

Nodame Cantabile – Review


Based on the manga by Ninomiya Tomoko. A funny, romantic series about Chiaki Shinichi, a very talented and one of the best students at Momogaoka Music Conservatory. The son of a famous pianist, he is talented with the gift of piano, violin and conducting. Because of his fear of flying and riding boats, he was unable to fulfill his dream of being Maestro Viera’s conducting pupil.  After fighting with his piano teacher, he was put into the reject class filled only with loser musicians.

To make matters worse, a girl named Noda “Nodame” Megumi, follows him around proclaiming herself as Chiaki’s girlfrend, usually described as an “animal-like hentai”. She is obsessed with an anime “Puri Gorota”, dependent no…wait, really dependent on Chiaki who always cooks dinner and sometimes clean her apartment for her. Even for being a klutz or being utterly stupid…she still amazes other people, including Chiaki on how she plays piano, pathetic, unique but fun and amazing. She often feels depressed whenever people scold her for playing piano so freely, she always asks them, “Is it bad to play piano so freely?”

If you like classical music, comic love stories like me, then you’ll surely love Nodame Cantabile. I love the characters and the opening and ending songs, It especially amazes me to think that Tomoko is a really (talented and ) hard worker being able to draw complex musical instruments. This coming October 10, It’s 2nd season will air in Japan. The music and the voices are good. To sum it up..I’ll give it 10/10.


Megumi “Nodame” Noda – Ayako Kawasumi ( Shakugan no Shana’s Kazumi Yoshida, Zero no Tsukaima’s Henrietta de Tristain, Onegai Teacher’s Koishi Herikawa, Gate Keeper’s Ruriko Ikusawa, Ai yori aoishi Aoi Sakuraba

Shinichi Chiaki – Tomokazu Seki ( Cardcaptor Sakura’s Touya Kinomoto, Chobit’s Hiromu Shinbo, Full Metal Panic’s Sousuke Sagara, Rave Master’s Haru, Yakitate Japan’s Pierrot Bolneze, Tokyo Underground’s Rumina Asagi)

Ryuutaro Mine – Shinji Kawada (Naruto’s Aburame Shino, School Rumble’s Hanai Haruki, )

Franz von Stresemann (Milch) – Shinji Ogawa

Masumi Okuyama – Yoshinori Fujita ( Soul eater’s Justin Law, Bokurano’s Isao Kako)

Ryuutaro, Nodame, Shinichi and Masumi

from upper left: Ryuutaro, Nodame, Shinichi and Masumi



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