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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (Lelouch of the rebellion) Review

CODE GEASS: Hangyaku no Lelouch

Warning: May includeS spoiler

The Holy Empire of Britania, a powerful nation who uses large mech robots called Knightmares i order to conquer lands, eagers to expand it’s own land more,It  has taken over Japan which is now called Area 11 and the japanese are now called elevens. A Britanian student and the former prince of Britania, Lelouch was banished to Area 11 as a political hostage along with his sister Nunally, for confronting the king (Charles di Britania). Lelouch vowed that he will destroy Britania and make a more peacefu world for his sister Nunally who bacame wheelchair-bound and blind due to phsychological trauma and the bullet wounds after her late mother Marriane vi Britania was assasinated.  At Area 11they met and befriended Kururugi Suzaku, the son of the last prime minister of Japan. Suzaku became Lelouch’s first and best friend.

Years later, Lelouch and Nunally is now living a simple life at a Britanian academy…Ashford Academy. One day, after gambling at the Babel tower(he goes there to fight Britanian nobles in a good game of chess..he always win of course and ends up himiliating the nobles), Lelouch finds himself helping a truck with a ‘poison tank’ inside. The ‘poison tank’ appears to be calling him. Confused over stuffs, a soldier found him and he was suprised to see that Suzaku became a honorary Britanian soldier who is serving the military in order “to change Britania from the inside…”. Suddenly Suzaku’s superior officer and shot Suzaku (He lived anyway) for letting a civilian witness Britania’s doings that the ‘poison tank’s’ content is really a girl. Having to save both of their lives, he escaped and ran towards an old warehouse, but ends up being discovered anyway because one of his classmate called him on the phone. He was shot wondering if he would die just like that without finding the truth or what really happened. Just when he was losing hope, the girl (She’s called C.C. pronuced as C2) granted him “the power of kings” or the mysterious power called “Geass” that grants Lelouch the power to command people to obey his own bidding. The episode ended up after Lelouch laughs evily after he killed the soldiers by ordering them, “Lelouch vi Britania orders you….DIE!” then the soldiers (under the power of geass) obeyed Lelouch and pointed their guns at theirselves saying, “Yes your Highness (or was it majesty)” in blunt english (After that I ended up saying “Yes your highness/majesty” to my friends at school LOL XD).

After discovering and learning more of his new found power, He forms a resistance group of rebels vigorously called ” The Order of the Black Knights (Kuro no Kishi Dan)” hiding his true identity beneath a masked identity known as “Zero”.

Lelouch as Zero

Lelouch as Zero

Lelouch is utterly surprised that people around him gets involved around the rebellion. First, the girl she saved ended up living at his room saying things that she needs to protect Lelouch because his life is important in order to have her wish and complete their pact. Second, his best friend Suzaku later then becomes his classmate and more over, he became the Britanian princess, [Euphemia’s] knight and ended up being enemies with Lelouch. Third, one of his classmates, (who is described as the ‘Britanian noble’s daughter who is suprisingly smart but is usually absent due to her frail health’) Kouzuki Kallen, a half eleven who is one of the main members of the resistance, since she’s good at handling Knightmares and she’s the younger sister of the one who organized the resistance. Entitled the “Ace of the Black Knigths”  who uses her Britanian name Kallen Statdtfeld in order to study at Ashford Academy.

Since he’s rebelling against Britania it can’t be helped if he ends up fightin his older half brothers and sisters…However one of his half sister Euphemia (the vice viceroy of Area 11) believes that the world could be changed in a more peaceful way without using brute forces and fighting. In the end she end up being accidentally geassed by Lelouch into killing the elevens, recieving the title “Massacre Princess”, thus leaving Leloush no choice but to kill her (even though he said that she might be the first girl she had fallen in love to) and making her a hero but the same time being loathed by Suzaku and the Britanian. Nunally is then kidnapped by V.V. (Charles’ twin brother…pronounced as V2) and the series ends up in a cliffhanging manner when Suzaku and Lelouched pointed their guns at each other.

All in all,The series is great especially since CLAMP made the character designs. The story…the graphics…sounds and the opening and ending songs.(But, I personally didn’t like the 2nd opening song). The voice acting is also done well, they chose professionals and well…you have to see some for yourself….


Lelouch Lamperouge – Fukuyama Jun (Takashima Kei of Special A, La Corda D’Oro ~Primo Passo~’s Keiichi Shimizu, Spice and Wolf’s  Craft Lawrence, XXXHolic’s Kimihiro Watanuki)

C.C. – Yukana (Chobits’ Kotoko, Pita Ten’s Shia, Full Metal Panic’s Teletha Testarossa, Soul Eater’s Yumi Azusa,)

Kururugi Suzaku – Takahiro Sakurai (Meine Leibe’s Orpeheus, Kyou Kara Maoh’s Yuri Shibuya, Moon Phase’s Seiji Mido, Pretear’s Sasame,Princess Tutu’s Ahiru’s Fakir, Zero no Tsukaima’s Guiche)

Nunally Lamperouge – Nazuka Kaori (Daa! Daa! Daa!’s Kouzuki Miyu, Eureka Seven’s Eureka, Bottle Fairy’s Chiriri, Di Gi Charat’s Usuzu-chan, Bamboo Blade’s Mei Ogawa.)

Kouzuki Kallen – Koshimizu Ami (Ashita no Nadja’s Nadja Applefield, Eureka Seven’s Anemone, Monochrome Factor’s Mayu Asamura, Loveless’ Ai, Futakoi’s Sumireko Ichijou)

Euphemia Li Britania – Omi Minami (Meitantei Loki: Ragnarok’s Hel, Fruits Basket’s Megumi Hanajima, Kiddy Grade’s Dvergr, Himiko Den’s Kyou)



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