Posted by: mizuno | May 30, 2009

Uchi e Kaerou – Tales of Symphonia 3rd ending song / Insert song – Nana Mizuki (download song included)


Uchi e Kaerou
Nana Mizuki
Tales of Symphonia OVA
3rd ending song

The wind blows all the clouds far and loose
like the hollow passing of time
As you rest, the flowers bloom
In this passing land

The sun that gives these blessings
turns red and sinks down
gently, kindly
wondering if I would see my dreams

The birds; to the sky and the bugs ;to the fields
All of them takes the road home
The first star of the night twinkled
Let’s head home

To our warm home

Kaze ha tooku kumo wa yuruku
Utsuroi iku toki yo
Hanaha tsubomi kimi wa yasumu
Kureyuku daichi

Megumi kureta Ohi-sama
Akaku somami shizumu yo
Yasashii Yasashii
Yume wo miru no ka na

Tori ha sora he mushi ha hatake
Sorezore no ieji yo
Ichibanboshi hikatta
Uchi he kaerou

Atatakai waga ya he

Uchi e Kaerou


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