Kaito X Len by Wusagi2

Kaito and Len Kagamine
Vocaloid Series

How obnoxious
those glances from the room’s other side
I won’t allow
my crying to be seen.
Or else, it’ll be like surrendering

It’s burning,
this body.
This drug,
is really strong
Deep breaths
make you feel
shocks all over.
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Inori~ You Raise Me Up
Lena Park
Romeo X Juliet opening song

The depths of my eyes
There’s your unchanging form
“Up to where will the world continue?”
Has the words from that day stopped?

On those cold, stormy nights
I continue to go to where you are
Winds that go across the oceans, tell me
that prayers will cross over time

Across the foggy horizon
exists an episode of sleeping stars
“There are no such thing as nights that don’t end”
That day’s sins laughs
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Sou Da Yo
Megumi Nakajima
Macross Frontier the Movie: The false songstress

That’s right,
Your words are always my treasure
Somehow always reaching you
Light and Energy

Right now, we can’t see each other, but I’m okay
But still, even if we can’t see each other,
It’s good to know you’re okay too.

Let me hear about your dream last night, about the neighbor’s dog
Tell me about the worldly things you see that I don’t know
Right now I want to tell you but, I can’t see the person I love.
Right now, for just a little while, I want to hear my beloved person’s voice as I close my eyes.
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Watashi no Kare wa Pilot – Miss Macross 2059
Megumi Nakajima
Macross Frontier insert song

My boyfriend is a pilot!
In a flash, he takes a nosedive
With a “GO!” he revs up and zooms
leaving a comet cloud behind.
Connected big hearts are formed,
the blue sky’s sign of love.
I Love You
You Love Me?
But, more than me,
he’s madly obsessed with his planes.
My boyfriend is a pilot
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Kimi to Boku
Spice and Wolf OST
Perfect World album

We are…you and me
Wherever we slip to, still me and you
Whatever is different you and me
A word sometimes heard

We are…you and me
Wherever we slip to, still me and you
Whatever is different you and me
A meaningless word
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Ninji-n Loves You Yeah!
Nakajima Megumi
Macross Frontier
Ep 8 insert song

For example, if the world would be tough
There are still colorful dreams, right?
For You,
Rainbow-colored Carrots love you, yeah!

Someday, you’ll reach the future
It mustn’t lose, right? That body of yours.
Powering those engines!
Rainbow-colored Carrots love you, yeah!
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Ao no Ether
Nakajima Megumi
Macross Frontier
Ending Song

I’ll give you
one of my names that is important to me
Just give me one of your words
all except the word “goodbye”

a bead of light and then a wave
You’re a bird and then the universe

I was always by your side
when we smiled,we were connected
The day that everything was in harmony

I wanted to be with you every time
no matter what voice I use
I can’t reach you
On my Blue blue blue journey
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Saigo no Kajitsu
Maaya Sakamoto
Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations (OVA) Ending song

Because we only search, we are similar to a mirror
We can face each other but we can never touch.
Straining my eyes
Reaching out my hands

Like a sleeping fossil waiting to be uncovered
Rain fell
Time passed

Hey, I, I want to know
how to love
Whenever you smile, the world shakes a little and shines
Breathing still, it starts moving
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Cover 00

Eien ni Hibiku Uta
Saiga Mitsuki
Kyou Kara Maou SHK
Web Radio OST

Through the red moon’s wind,
I quietly walk
My vow is to protect you
This sword is a proof of my determination

The sun that heels over the sky
The red carpet that spreads over the sea
Things above follow in
The boat is now being guided forward

The world where you’re at
Right now, is here
becoming one
to the heaven you’re aiming for
without hesitation

If ever, this wind
could be completely stopped
I am the one who will
row that boat

If ever, you break down
I’ll help you
No matter how the rain and the waves fall
I’ll be my friend (your) shield
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Ringo Biyori
Spice and Wolf
ending song

O seven apples on a witch’s tree
With seven seeds to plant inside of me
In springtime I grew a magic song
Then skipping along, oh I sang the song to everyone

I looked at the world through apple eyes
And cut myself a slice of sunshine pie
I danced with the peanut butterflies
Till time went and told me to say hello but wave goodbye

A thousand sugar stars
Oh put them in a jar
And then whistle round the world
Oh whistle round the world
I’m a little wolf inside a girl, you say
And off I’ll go from June to May
Oh whistling round the world
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