About: Might as well read this first…

“Aoi Otaku” is a blog owned by me that translates your favorite anime songs/OSTs into English for you, free of charge. The archives might not be that huge YET, but I’m trying hard to translate songs. Just to make it clear, I’m still working on my japanese so the translations might not be that fast nor perfect (I’m still in my early teens by the way). I’m really grateful for those who patronizes and subscribes to my blog.


1. If you want to attach my translations into your website,blog etc. please ask permission first. Linking them to this blog would be appreciated too~
2. Please make it a point to say thanks, It really makes me happy when I see a comment of someone saying thanks. AH~ I’m so happy~
3. Hmm…if ever you see an error on my translation, please be considerate enough to point it out, comments,suggestions,violent reactions etc. are gratefully accepted.
4. Don’t be shy to ask for something e.g. a favor, requests etc.



  1. wow thanks i really like this website ^_^
    helped me a lot =D
    can you pls tell me from what anime is that picture above??? (with the two guys staring at the sky…)

    • Thank You very much for your appreciation~

      That anime is Toshokan Sensou or Library Wars…

      One of the best animes I watched

  2. Nice website. Thanks for posting the translated stuff. đŸ˜€

    • thanks. It’s nice to see that people appreciate my (lazy) works.

  3. well practice makes perfect =)

  4. Hi, are you able to read kanji, hiragana, etc?

    • hiragana and katakana. Well. kanji is a bit hard. I can read kanji depending on its level. Why do you ask?

  5. Hi,

    I was asking because I want to know if you were interested in a blogging job. Its mainly focused on Jpop/Jrock and all you do is read Japanese websites (oricon, sanspo, bark, daily) and translate the articles into english. If you can read those sites and are interested please send me an email.

    Its also a paid position monthly. There’s no need to reply to this. If interested simply send me an email. If not then no need to reply, Thanks

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